Animal Emergency Center was established in 1997 with the cooperation of over 40 veterinarians in the Clark County area. The hospital was formed to offer quality emergency services and treatment for injured and sick pets. The facility is fully equipped to provide the best possible medical and emergency care to all small animals, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals. We strive to be an extension of the veterinary hospitals we serve. Our hours of operation are nights, weekends, and all major holidays when your regular veterinarian may not be available.

When you bring your pet in to Animal Emergency Center, we charge a basic fee for our doctor and staff to perform an emergency examination. After the consultation with the doctor, an estimate of anticipated medical fees for services will be presented to you. A prepayment is required once a treatment plan has been approved. IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE AN ESTIMATE, PLEASE REQUEST ONE. All services must be paid in full prior to the patient being released from Animal Emergency Center. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit, CareCredit, and PayPal. Animal Emergency Center does NOT offer any billing options.

Upon release of patients, owners will be provided with an itemized receipt of medical fees charged for hospitalization care, medications, anesthetics, surgery, radiographs, and laboratory tests. Owners will also be instructed about aftercare, and a complete medical record will be forwarded to your regular veterinarian.